Belize Cave Tubing Tours

Belize Cave Tubing Tours

Head to the mainland for a two, or even three-tour, jungle adventure.

Led by experienced Belize tour guides, you will hike for about 40 minutes through the magnificent Belizean rainforest then tube down the fascinating cave system. On the tour you will enjoy learning about the rainforest where you will see a wide variety of plants, exotic birds and animals in their natural habitat. Cave Tubing is combined with the Zip-Line Jungle Canopy tour, Belize Zoo, horseback riding or Xunantunich Maya ruins.

Cave Tubing and Zip Lining

This is one of the most popular day tours! Experience the jungle with the tour guides leading your hike through the rainforest and across the crystal clear Sibun River. Float on your tube through the two networks of caves with your head lamp searching the crystal formations above. On this tour you will also zip-line through the rainforest canopy. Imagine yourself gliding between treetop platforms with a bird's eye view of the spectacular Belize jungle – a truly memorable experience.

This tour departs 7am and returns 5:30pm and includes: a breakfast snack, lunch and drinks.

Cave Tubing and Belize Zoo

Be amazed at the dazzling crystal formations in some of the largest underground caves in the world. Hike through the rainforest and tube through the caves crystal clear waters. Visit the famous Belize Zoo with over 170 animals in their natural habitat. It is the only place in Belize where you will see almost all the native wildlife of Belize in a setting so natural that it also has a wide variety of non-exhibit animals that have also chosen to call it home.

This tour departs 7am and returns 5:30pm and includes: a breakfast snack, lunch and drinks.

Horseback Riding and Cave Tubing

Horseback ride at the largest equestrian ranch in the country. Once at Manatee Lookout, you will take a bus along the Western Highway to Banana Bank Lodge, were you will horseback ride through the jungle and along the Mopan River.

Then you will head to Jaguar Paw Resort by bus to enjoy delicious lunch of local cooking. After lunch you will enjoy a walk on the nature trail to the mouth of the Caves where you will use a head lamp and inner tube to float through the cave systems once inhabited by the ancient Mayan people.

This tour departs 7am and returns 5:30pm and includes: lunch and drinks.

Cave Tubing and Xunantunich

The famous Mayan archaeological site Xunantunich was a major ceremonial center for the ancient Maya. It was the first Mayan site in Belize to be opened for public viewing in 1954. From the top of Xunantunich you get a spectacular panoramic view of the Cayo District and across the border to Guatemala.

After exploring Xunantunich and lunch, you will head to the Belize Caves, where you start with a hike through the exotic rainforest to the mouth of the cave. The view is stunning as you float away from the cave entrance on your inner tube with only your headlamp to lead the way.

This tour departs 7am and returns 5:30pm and includes: lunch and drinks

3 in 1 Combo: Xunantunich Maya Ruin, Zip Lining and Cave Tubing

Guest are flown to Belize City where their tour guide will meet them and escort them through Belize's beautiful countryside. The first stop is at Xunantunich Ruin, they will cross the river to Xunantunich on a hand cranked ferry, climb this 130 foot Mayan Castle and enjoy a breath taking view of the Mopan, Macal, Belize River valleys, and the Guatemala Peten District. Leaving Xunantunich with new knowledge of our Mayan History, they will be on their way to Caves Branch, for the other 2 activities; zip lining and cave tubing. They will zip line through the jungle tree tops high above the forest floor and enjoy a bird's eye view of our pristine ecosystem. They will cross 8 different platforms on this adventure. Lunch will follow after this activity is completed. Cave tubing follows next! They will float on tubes through the rivers that disappear into the underworld caves that are filled with 1,000 year-old pottery shards, statues of fertility gods and Mayan footprints.

Pick up time is at 6:00am and drop off around 5:30pm

This includes transfers and park fee, guided tour, light breakfast, water, sodas, snacks and lunch.

GoPro underwater camera available for rent
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Zip Lining was amazing and Cave tubing was cool. Our guide Cano was wonderful, very helpful and always making sure everyone was happy. Had an amazing time in Belize and would definitely recommend the Grande Caribe Belize Resort to anyone.