Belize Mayan Ruins Tours

Belize Mayan Ruins Tours

A trip to Belize without visiting the ancient Mayan Ruins is like visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Why not treat yourself to a fantastic Belize adventure and explore these breathtaking Mayan structures. Our tour office staff can set you up with your choice of four Belize Mayan ruins tours and Tikal in Guatemala.

Altun Ha Mayan Ruin

Altun Ha was a major ceremonial center during the Classic Period (250-900A.D) and functioned as a vibrant trading center. It was here that the largest carved jade object, a Jade head, was found.

On this adventure the tour boat takes you across the lagoon and out the backside of Ambergris Caye toward the mainland. Before long you find yourself winding through the Northern River where you will experience an incredible assortment of plant life and a variety of interesting animals. First stop is the quaint Belize village of Bomba, known for its local hardwood carvings. A short road trip takes you to the magnificent ruins located in a low lush jungle, where you will get a guided tour of the Altun Ha ruins and hear about Mayan history and ancient Maya civilization.

After all that learning it is time for a short bus ride to Maruba Resort, where you can purchase your lunch. After lunch you will have time to go on a horseback ride, have a spa treatment or relax near their tropical pool. Altun Ha tour departs at 8:30 am and returns at 5pm.

Lamanai Mayan Ruin

Lamanai is one of Belize's largest Mayan ceremonial centers located in the Orange Walk district on the New River Lagoon. It is characterized by exotic styles of ancient Mayan art and architecture. The word Lamanai means Submerged Crocodile.

Start the day with a boat adventure on the less traveled backside of the island. Soon you will be winding your way through the Northern River enjoying the early morning sights and sounds. Once the boat reaches Bomba Village, a Belizean breakfast awaits you, consisting of fresh fruit and often times paired with Johnny cakes. Typically, there’s time for a stop at the hardwood vendors lining the water’s edge for some quick shopping.

Continuing on your tour, a private bus will take you through jungle, local villages and sugar cane fields to Tower Hill, where you will enjoy another guided boat cruise on the New River. As you make your way towards Lamanai, you will see floating lily pads and many different species of animals including the famous Jabiru stork, river otters, turtles and crocodiles lurking along the river banks.

Once at Lamanai, you are served a picnic lunch of delicious local cooking which prepares you for your hike through the dense jungle to explore the ancient Mayan temples built majestically on the water's edge. Howler monkeys are commonly seen on this tour; so keep your eyes and ears alert to spot these interesting little creatures along the way to the ancient Mayan ruins. At the end of the day, as you make your way back to Grand Caribe, you will find that your Lamanai tour will remain with you as a truly 'unBelizable' memory of your vacation. This tour leaves at 7:00 am and returns at approximately 5:30 pm and includes: breakfast, lunch, beer, sodas, rum punch and snacks.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin and Cave Tubing

Xunantunich (pronounced Su-nan-tu-nich) is located across the river from the village of San Jose Succotz in the Cayo district. At 130' or 40 meters high, it is the second tallest Mayan ruin in Belize.

Travel by air or by sea to Belize City. You will be greeted by a private guide who will escort you to the western border through San Ignacio Town. When you arrive at Succotz, a hand-cranked ferry takes you across the Mopan River followed by a mile drive uphill to the famous Mayan archaeological site.

Xunantunich was a major ceremonial center for the ancient Maya and the first Mayan site in Belize to be open for public viewing in 1954.

After exploring Xunantunich, and a break for lunch, you will venture to the Belize Caves. Your excursion begins with a hike through the exotic rainforest to the mouth of the cave. The view is stunning as you float away from the cave entrance on your inner tube with only your headlamp to lead the way. Imagine yourself floating through the caves, surrounded by the stalactite and stalagmites above and clear cool waters beneath you.

Tikal Mayan Ruin in Guatemala

Located in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle, Tikal Ruins are not only stunning, they also give you bragging rights that you made it to two countries on one vacation. You will be glad you decided to spend a day in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tikal National Park exploring the incredible ancient Mayan ruins. Your expert guide will show you around the impressive site and provide detailed information on the history behind the steep temples and plazas.

This tour runs daily for minimum of 2 persons and includes: round trip airfare from San Pedro, security and airport fees (does not include departure fee from GUA $35.50 USD), transfer and hotel stay.  Please double check with our tours team for accuracy on the GUA departure fee. Belize International Airport departures fees priced separately; please inquire through our tours office for this information.

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The tours were great. William Black took us to Altan Ha and the Zoo. He is extremely knowledgeable and a super tour guide. Well worth the money.