Living the Dream at Grand Caribe

Hello, blogs are such personal posts, so I thought that we, the staff of Grand Caribe Belize Resort and Condominiums, should show who we are and tell you what we love about here. There’s no better place to start than with me, Lorena; I do the marketing and sales here at Grand Caribe Belize Resort and I love my job. Honestly, I do first of because I sell and market for a company that I believe in. What would be worse than not believing in the product/service you’re promoting…that is torture and thankfully my case is the total opposite.

I do believe that this is paradise, with all the comfort of home inside and all the benefits of island life and the amenities necessary for an amazing vacation, whether it be a short trip or your Belize vacation home.

Besides how can I complain when the view from my office looks out to the pool and grounds of this gorgeous facility but what I love, most of all, is seeing our guests and owners having a great time. Friends chatting while tanning and sipping drinks, owners catching up and cracking jokes, laughing up a storm and families playing together. I’m a people person ,a people watcher and an eternal optimist and my job allows me to be all of these and more.

With great colleagues and a wonderful job site its easy to write about the greatness of Grand Caribe. The creative juices flow so easily when you have great weather, great views and a wonderful atmosphere. This is far cry from an office cubicle.

What more could I ask for? Perhaps only for it to never stop, to continue meeting new people (everyone has their own stories & adventures, and their own reasons for coming and everyone equally interesting and entertaining), the weather (perhaps rainy at times) will always be moderate and the atmosphere of Belize and the island has always been the same and the atmosphere at Grand Caribe already great, like all of life’s luxuries, will only get better with time.

My colleagues and I are proud to be a part of Grand Caribe and are proud to be a part of making dream vacations come true, we simply want to show how wonderful our piece of La Isla Bonita.

We’re a group of young active Belizeans ready to show you the greatness that is Belize. Never embarrassed of our heritage and country we encourage you to come and explore the jewel that we know so well.

Judy: Concierge and Tours, she can get you on any tour or answer your questions.
Efrain: Housekeeping Supervisor, don’t be fooled this is one of the hardest jobs.
Deborah: Accounting, forever behind the scenes, always working hard.
Julie: Reservations, always a call or click away