Packing your fishing vacation tackle box

Like the contents of his tool box, what’s in a man’s tackle box is often about personal preference and also depends on the type of fish you’re angling for. Your guide will likely have all you need in his tackle box, but the few items listed below can help you make the most out of your vacation fishing trips.

Leatherman multi-tool with needle nose pliers and line cutter in one is always handy thing to have. Taking hooks out of fish – and you at times, clip line, crimp leaders and do a wide variety of jobs with a multi tool.

A Swiss Army knife with some screw driver blades is also a good option to  work on your reel if necessary. There is a large selection of everyday Swiss Army Knives to choose from.

Fingernail clippers are great for clipping line, some also have a small file that will sharpen hooks in an emergency.

Electrical tape works well for rod repair and flexiblesewing tape measure for bragging rights pictures.

Cigarette lighter you never know when you might need a fire. A lighter will also melt plastic worms to repair damage if you run out of the only color they are hitting and also melts the ends of nylon rope to keep it from fraying.

It is always better to have too much sun protection than not enough, even when overcast, the sun can still be very strong. Be sure and pack sunscreen, a fishing hat, sunglasses,  to prevent sunburn and sun stoke. Paper towel or baby wipes can come in handy on those particularly hot days for wiping sun screen out of your eyes.

There is nothing worse than getting a great day of fishing ruined by a headache. Tylenol, aspirin, whatever your prefer you can easily find sample packs at any store in town. Hopefully you won’t have any major medical emergencies while you’re fishing. But minor injuries can happen, like getting a hook caught in your thumb or getting scraped up and it’s good to have a small first aid kit on hand. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A ziploc bag with band-aids, Neosporin, a few small bandages, and some waterproof medical tape. That should take care of most fishing-related injuries.

Our tour staff [email protected] can help you book your full or half day vacation fishing adventure on Strike Force Belize.

fishing belize
Just returned from an afternoon fishing trip
dorado fish belize
Big dorado fish
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Cleaning the days catch
filleting fish in san pedro belize
Filleting fish
Barracuda fish belize
Barracuda fish
frigabe birds north ambergris caye
Frigate birds looking for fish scraps
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Stingray waiting for fish pieces to drop
belize birds
Pelican looking for a meal
cleaning fish in north ambergris caye belize
Cleaning fish
strike force belize
Dorado and barracuda fillets
belize fish
This time it was the girls that got the big fish
posing with a big fish on grand caribe dock north ambergris caye
The fish was almost as tall as the girls
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Family fishing trip