The Essentrics Movement at Grand Caribe Belize!!

Resident owner at Grand Caribe Belize, Sheryl Hitchens, introduced us to the concept of Essentrics. She had been talking about it for a while and kept inviting us to experience it. Being that it’s now offered here at Grand Caribe I was excited to see exactly what it entailed.

But, before immersing myself into anything, I figured it wouldn’t hurt doing a little Googling… and so I did. “ESSENTRICS is a unique program that rapidly changes the shape of your body through a dynamic and fluid combination of strengthening and stretching. The results come quickly – not over years, but in a matter of minutes. Increased flexibility is enjoyed instantly.(Google 8.28.16)

Wow, this is exciting! I mean, instant results? Could it possibly be true? We needed to test this out.

So, on a warm Thursday morning I joined the girls in the gym. Oh yeah, we have a full gym here at Grand Caribe Belize; but, this story isn’t about our fully air conditioned gym, with state of the art equipment. It’s about Essentrics.

I was late… yup, five whole minutes; the girls had already started by the time I got there. Looking at them as they sway and move, I thought to myself, this is pretty easy. I mean, these girls made it look effortlessly.

Eccentrics at Grand Caribe

Shoes off, socks off, grab a Yoga mat, get into position! This all happened rather quickly, before you know it I’m in. I think the girls got a kick from watching me try to keep up with them.

Each new movement targeted a muscle group. While you use only your own body weight the routine made me work up a sweat, and for me, relieved lots of tension. There’s lots of stretching involved, as well as balancing, targeting your core and upper body. Well, at least this session was.

Eccentrics at Grand Caribe

Essentrics is a full body strengthening stretching program. It targets every muscle, it works every joint. When doing Essentrics, you’re simultaneously contracting and lengthening the targeted muscle. Essentrics utilizes movements of Tai Chi, which create health and balance, ballet which create long, lean, flexible muscles and the healing principles of physiotherapy which create a pain free body.

Eccentrics at Grand Caribe

This new, “to us anyway”, and exciting exercise helps to improve your posture, defines the waist line, creates toned, lean and strong arms; slenderizes thighs and quads, creates flat, defined abs; lifts the butt and targets and firms every muscle in the body.

Eccentrics at Grand Caribe

Now, if all those awesomely superficial reasons aren’t enough to get you into the Essentrics movement, consider the health factors: Essentrics increases full body flexibility, helps relieve pain, unlocks tight muscles and joints, strengthens the spine and core, helps to treat and prevent back pain, creates a youthful feeling body, improves agility and speed for sports, supports injury prevention and helps to speed-up recovery time through increased blood flow!!!

Sheryl is currently offering these sessions on Mondays at 8AM, Wednesdays & Fridays at 8AM & 10AM. For more information on securing your spot with Sheryl, visit our Tours & Concierge desk. Maybe you’ll see me there!!!!