The Midtown Violets play at Cowboy’s Pool Bar

Fun was had by all at the fundraiser for Mama Vilma’s Family Home.

Cowboy’s Pool Bar & Grill hosted the fundraiser yesterday. This was the second time Karen Waldrup played there and this time she brought a plus 1, Ashlee Thomas.

The Midtown Violets (Two Girls, Two Guitars, Two unique sounds come together with tambourine and sometimes a violin) played and even Cowboy Doug got to sing. He kept the crowd laughing for a bit with his rendition of a boy named Sue by Johnny Cash.

The fundraiser included drink specials and spaghetti feed. Mama Vilma’s had t-shirts on hand to buy and donations were accepted. There was a 50/50 draw and prizes. Many locals and tourists came to enjoy the great music. We all loved the music of Karen and Ashlee. While here, they also played at Wet Willy’s Cantina to help raise money for Mama Vilma’s Family Home, of course Cowboy Doug went to support that event too and won a trip to Memphis in the silent auction. We can’t wait until they come back to Cowboy Doug’s for another great show.

grabd caribe belize
Midtown Violets playing on the roof of the pool bar

karen waldrup and ashlee thomas

Cowboy Doug singing a boy named Sue at grand caribe resort
Cowboy Doug singing a boy named Sue
grabd carbe resort
Midtown Violets were so good people were dancing

grand caribe belize beach resort

One of our guests was reading a book in the pool while enjoying the show