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Ambergris Caye has a rich history, vibrant culture, and impressive biodiversity; it is truly a snorkeler’s dream. Imagine yourself floating in the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea inhabited by a large variety of coral and tropical fish. You will be amazed by the beauty and incredible marine life. While snorkeling in Ambergris Caye, you’ll swim amongst hundreds of fish species: blue tangs, horse-eyed jacks, colorful parrotfish, octopus, lobster, anemones, and many more.

Belize is known for its commitment to protecting the marine environment and the barrier reef, which runs from the top of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula south through Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. Grand Caribe Belize is passionate about protecting marine life and the environment as well. All of our Belize snorkeling adventures allow you to experience the beautiful underwater world without harming anything. Our guides are amazing and will also educate you on your Belize snorkeling tour.

The following Belize snorkeling tours can be booked with our on-site tour desk when you arrive, or booked when you make your reservation.
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Half Day Snorkeling Adventure

Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley Snorkeling

An amazingly diverse and interesting underwater ecosystem and most recommended Belize snorkeling tour on the internet and island. You will encounter the beautiful creatures of the sea on your half day tour at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Our experienced guides will make sure you have a snorkeling adventure of a lifetime!

Half Day Snorkeling Adventure

North to Mexico Rocks Snorkeling

This is a great Belize snorkeling trip for those that prefer a shorter boat ride and want to see some great coral heads.

Belize Snorkeling Tours | San Pedro Snorkeling Adventures
Belize Snorkeling Tours

Night time Snorkeling Adventure

Night Snorkeling to Hol Chan Reserve

Feeling adventurous? Choose this Belize snorkeling tour and you will be glad you went out on a night snorkel to see all the different marine life that comes out after dark.

Full Day Snorkeling Adventure

Blue Hole Snorkel

The world-famous Blue Hole isn’t just for divers! If you feel more comfortable on top of the water as opposed to under… don’t miss the opportunity to view our treasured, World Heritage Site. This snorkeling tour comes highly recommended in Great Destinations Belize guidebook.

Belize Snorkeling Tours | San Pedro Snorkeling Adventures
Belize Snorkeling Tours - Manatee

Full Day Snorkeling Adventure

Manatee Watch, Snorkel, & Caye Caulker

A perfect day of sun, sea and fun. Begin the day by making your way along to North Channel. Once there, you will have an opportunity to view the West Indian Manatee in their natural habitat from the boat. Then, you can choose to snorkel Coral Gardens or Hol Chan/Shark Ray Alley to see coral formations and colorful fish and marine life. Your next stop is Caye Caulker, you grab your own lunch, visit the seahorse reserve and tarpon feeding dock before returning to San Pedro.

Note: Chances of seeing the Manatees is 50/50.

Full Day Snorkeling Adventure

Bacalar Chico Marine Park, Snorkel, & BBQ

Cruise around the entire island of Ambergris Caye and visit the beautiful Marine Park that is a World Heritage Site. Snorkel two locations, enjoy a barbecue lunch, and visit the museum at Bacalar Chico. Experience the channel the Mayans dug out as an easier passage from the Caribbean to the lagoon side. The only channel that separates us from Mexico!
Belize Snorkeling Tours - Bacalar
Belize Snorkeling Tours - Robels

Full Day Snorkeling Adventure

Robles Point Beach Snorkel & BBQ

Head north by boat to Robles Point, a secluded part of Ambergris Caye where the barrier reef is so close you can safely swim out to it. On this tour you will enjoy a beach barbecue lunch on private property and Ambergris Caye snorkeling right from the beach.

Trip Advisor

“This was my first experience going snorkeling & these guys were very helpful! [They] did a great job on making everyone feel comfortable and at ease! They both were very funny which helped! I would highly suggest snorkeling with them!​”