things to do in belize

Vacationing in Belize, a small country just south of Miami off the northern tip of Central America, is always a delight for the senses. There is so much to see, touch, taste, smell, and hear – a literal sensory overload but in the best way possible. With so many exciting and fun things to do in San Pedro, Belize, it can seem overwhelming and a bit daunting when trying to shortlist the best activities. Fortunately, Grand Caribe has a perfectly curated list of the top 5 most exciting Belize adventures that every vacationer absolutely must try.

An undeniably important aspect of Belizean culture is its food. For us, the phrase ‘melting pot’ extends beyond our people and is expressed through our unique blend of cultural foods. There is ducunu (tamalito), boil-up, Johnny cakes, tamales and fry jack. But, our most famous and what can be considered our national dish is rice and beans with potato salad and fried plantains paired with stewed chicken, beef, or pork. With every bite of this tasty dish, your tastebuds will explode with flavor. So, while staying at Grand Caribe, be sure to go on a culinary adventure, check out our three onsite dining options, and of course, try the national dish for yourself.

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Diving in Belize is also a must-do. Our diverse marine life makes for a genuinely unparalleled underwater experience. There is nothing like the feel of cool, refreshing saltwater as you swim submerged in a breathtakingly beautiful aquatic ecosystem. Grand Caribe’s diving tours go to some of the best locations in the country, like Hol Chan Marine Reserve, where you can surround yourself with sea turtles, angel fish, nurse sharks, rays, and even dolphins.

For more maritime adventures, fishing in Belize is a definite top 5 adventure on any list. Out on the high seas, you are surrounded by nothing but blue waves while enjoying the smell of salty sea air and waiting for the catch of the day – what a relaxing kind of exciting! To kick the fishing fun up a notch, consider participating in Grand Caribe’s annual fishing tournament this July 29th-31st, with plenty of prizes and even a Belize Tourism Board-sponsored Expo on July 30th.

Exciting adventures aren’t only out at sea but inland as well. With our Mayan ruin tours, you can traverse and explore the remnants of a civilization and culture thousands of years old. Through these expeditions, you can listen to exciting stories about a time long passed told by tour guides with years of experience and cultural knowledge. Sightseeing at Altun Ha, Lamanai, and Xunantunich is, beyond a doubt, a Belizean must try.

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Finally, the absolute must-do while vacationing in Belize is getting a bird’s eye view of the spectacular landscapes. Our helicopter tours, in partnership with Astrum Helicopters, can take you to new heights both figuratively and literally. The overhead views of the Blue Hole, Mountain Pine Ridge, and Turneffe Atolls are indeed a sight to behold and will leave anyone gob-smacked at Belize’s stunning natural beauty.

Vacationing in Belize will never leave you with a dull or ordinary experience. Everything about our country is everything but ordinary, and there are so many unique things to do in Belize. Through Grand Caribe and its incredible amenities and tours, you can experience the top extra-ordinary adventures not just for Belize but for a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? There is so much stuff to do in Belize. Book your vacation with us now!