5 Reasons to choose Grand Caribe Belize for your 2017 Family Vacation!

With so many reasons why Grand Caribe Belize is “The” 2017 family vacation spot we decided to list our top 5 just to give you that extra convincing, as if you needed one… 1. Our Staff! Our best attribute would have to be our staff. Our staff will welcome you with a smile and warmth. They are eager to share their wealth of information with you, connecting with you, and assuring your every needs are met! Grand Caribe TripAdvisor review
  • Happy Staff!
Grand Caribe Staff
  • Willing Staff!
Grand Caribe Staff
  • Superb Concierge Team!
Grand Caribe Staff 2. Our Amenities & Convenience! Grand Caribe Belize offers all that you need on site, to make your stay convenient and hassle free!
  • 2 Onsite Restaurants
Rain Restaurant Evoo Restaurant
  • Swim Up Pool Bar
Grand Caribe Swim up pool
  • 6 Swimming Pools
Grand Caribe Pools Grand Caribe Pools
  • Onsite Grocery Store
Grand Caribe Grocery
  • Onsite Golf Cart Rental
Grand Caribe Golf Cart Rentals 3. Our Views!!!! From any of our Luxurious units, you can enjoy scenic views from sunrise to sunset.
  • Sunset Views
Grand Caribe Sunset view
  • Panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea
Grand Caribe panorama views
  • Courtyard View
Grand Caribe Courtyard view
  • Sunrise View
Grand Caribe Sunrise view 4. Our Accommodations! Our luxurious and spacious Ambergris Caye condo rentals are uniquely appointed and fully equipped to make your stay with us a relaxing and enjoyable one and can accommodate any size family. Grand Caribe 1 bedroom Grand Caribe 2 bedroom Grand Caribe 3 bedroom Grand Caribe 4 bedroom Grand Caribe 5 bedroom 5. Our Family Friendly Environment! At Grand Caribe Belize, we cater to your entire family needs!
  • Volleyball Games – for teenagers and adults!
Grand Caribe volleyball
  • Easter Egg Hunt – to assure that even though you’re on vacation during the Easter, your kids don’t feel like they’ve missed out on the traditional Easter activities.
Grand Caribe egg hunt
  • Santa & Mrs. Claus for Christmas – Christmas is a special occasion and we go above and beyond to make it special for you. At Christmas time, your family becomes a part of our family!
Grand Caribe Santa Claus All in all – we make your stay unforgettable! You are guaranteed to leave knowing that you have made some new friends along the way! So contact us today to get your 2017 vacation plans on the way!

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