A New Blogger at Grand Caribe

A blog is a very personal affair, a person’s views and opinions are expressed to the world. And as a part of our new series of blogs, this aspect of Grand Caribe will be shown even more.

resort blog
A candid picture

As a marketer, my views are extremely auto-censored (a habit of the business), and a blog becomes less personal and more promotional. Looking for a change of pace, I spoke with one of our brightest personalities here at Grand Caribe; someone who has something to say and knows to say it; my fellow colleague Efrain. He will be adding a serious punch of pizazz to this blog; outspoken and extroverted I look to him for inspiration and flavor for my own blogs.

flower decor

Efrain is everywhere at Grand Caribe Resort and knows everyone. As the housekeeping supervisor he’s heard and seen it all; and in addition, he takes care of many of the more exciting aspects of Grand Caribe such as setting up and arranging special occasions such as weddings.

Our  resort blog will now have a touch of sass to what was a very formal affair. Alternating the responsibility of the blog we hope to keep our readers not only interested but also enticed to come to Belize and especially Grand Caribe Resort & Condominiums.