Ambergris Caye, Belize Always Provides That “Something Blue”

Whether you arrived on Ambergris Caye with friends or your significant other, your kids & husband or just a book and your suntan lotion, something blue is always the first thing you notice.

It’s right there out the window.  Belize’s barrier reef, the 2nd longest in the world, is nothing short of spectacular.

Photo by recent Grand Caribe guest Danielle Burruss

1000 shades of blue…

The island is all about water sports, snorkeling, swimming, diving, paddling and one of our favorite water activities…relaxing in the pool.

And with this view and these pools?  Grand Caribe Resort might just be the perfect place for it.

This week, we hosted the winners of our “Something Blue Is Waiting For You” Wedding contest.   The couple received a full week’s stay, transport and the wedding (with everything from make-up to flowers) on the beach.

And it was an absolutely perfect July day…

A simple but gorgeous ceremony for two.  Justin and Alice chose to make the trip alone…a bit of a wedding and honeymoon in one…

The young couple are busy graduate students at Purdue University in Indiana.  Both getting their post-graduate degrees in Chemistry.  Alice hopes to become a professor, Justin to work in industry.

The scene was set…the “aisle” was ready.

And there was plenty of something blue.  Even the bride’s pretty pretty toenails as she walked barefoot with her groom.

We think it is such a fun wedding trend.

Some sample colors for “Something Blue”

Especially for a barefoot beach wedding in Belize.

Just perfect…


And then the kiss.  As is tradition in Belize, the wedding registry is signed and only then is it official.


They made their way back up to the resort…

IMG_2844…and those in the pool, who had been silent during the ceremony, erupted into a round of joyous applause.  And a bit of hooting and hollering.  Many of them were staying at the resort for a much larger wedding later in the week.  A great way to get in the wedding spirit.

The couple was off for a private dinner on the beach…and then snorkeling along the barrier reef the next day.

Something Blue is never hard to find in Belize.  But for this lucky couple – clearly lucky in both love and contests! – they had 6 days ahead to make the most of it.


From diving the Great Blue Hole to lying in a hammock with the blue sky filtering through coconut palms, gorgeous shades of blue are absolutely everywhere.

Congratulations Alice and Justin.

And Happy Birthday Alice!  The staff at Grand Caribe had a great time decorating your room…one day after your wedding.  We hope to see both of you back in Belize soon.

And for lots of information about marriage in Belize (yes!  it is valid in the United States too!), check out our information pages.

Photo by Danielle Burruss