Not SCUBA! Not Snorkeling!! Discover the Underwater World with Snuba Diving!

Snuba in Belize
Ambergris Caye has loads of amazing underwater adventures to be had. However, one that is quickly becoming my favorite of these would have to be Mexico Rocks as a Snuba Diving Adventure. 

Roannie, the Island Contact for SNUBA stopped by our office and offered to provide us with a relatively new experience being offered here on the island.

With the day starting off promising sunshine and crystalline clear waters – I jumped at the opportunity to experience SNUBA diving. The Snuba diving excursion kicks off from San Pedro Town around 8:30am, making its way north picking up guests along the way. Greeting us at the dock were tour guides, Elias Lobo and Doriani Perez. Elias also doubles as the boat captain.

Within minutes, we were breezing along northern Ambergris Caye. To our right, the soothing sounds of the waves crashing against the Barrier Reef crest provide an assuring feel (The adventure has commenced). To the left, resorts in their multi colors dotted the sea shore – towering over patches of swaying palm trees and sandy shores.

Within 30 minutes we were at our destination. At Mexico Rocks, we disembark our speedboat and made our way onto the Sea Symphony – a two-story floating flatboat. Onboard the Sea Symphony, Doriani and Elias are super detailed in explaining pretty much everything that would take place as we make our way on our SNUBA adventure.

Snuba at Mexico Rocks

After being briefed, it’s time to get geared up. Fins – check; masks – check; weight belts – check; camera – check; sense of adventure – check. Well, looks like we’re all set. In SNUBA, you breathe through a regulator which is fed compressed air through extended hoses attached to a flotation device some 20 feet away. This gives you much leeway to get down under – where you can become one with the underwater world.

SNUBA in Belize

Nurse sharks and stingrays are a mainstay at Mexico Rocks, along with the rainbow of sparkling colors of the various miniature decorated fishes that make the Coral Head formations their home – this adventure is sure to excite just about anyone. The highlight of this trip, however, had to have been “DUDE” the name I lovingly gave to our very friendly sea turtle, that made absolutely no attempt to evade us. In fact, this little guy seriously came to give us Hi5’s!! AND he lingered around. Sucks that by this time, my camera battery had gone low and it remained an experience for me to only be able to share but not show (Be sure to carry extra batteries for your underwater camera).

Mexico Rocks Snuba

SNUBA in Belize

Snuba provides you with a Like-Scuba Diving experience – without having to have to worry about the skills involved with Scuba Diving or running out of air. With weight to keep you down just enough to be hovering above the sea bed, all you have to do is swim and experience the Belize underwater world at your own pace with not a care in the world.

Snuba Adventure


Think you’re too young for this adventure? For kids between the ages 4 – 8, there’s Snuba Doo – which allows you a similar experience, with the exception that you’re not completely submerged.

This was truly an experience!! While staying with us, our tour desk here at Grand Caribe Belize would be more than happy to set up your next SNUBA diving adventure!!

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