Belize Vacation Planning: Exciting Events All Year In Belize!

Belize is seeing air fares dipping to unprecedented levels.  And the reason?  We can say with some certainty that it’s the “Southwest Effect”.  Southwest Airlines, one of the world’s largest, is coming to Belize.  October 15th is their first flight out of Houston’s Hobby Airport.    And competitors, namely Delta over the last week, are dropping prices substantially for this fall and winter.

The weather here in Belize has been pretty spectacular so far this summer…

…and there really is no BAD time to visit.

But, just so that you are fully informed, here is a list of the official holidays and festivals celebrated on the island of Ambergris Caye.   We don’t want you to miss a thing.


New Years’ Eve:  San Pedro town is just one big block party, with people on the streets, the bars and in the night clubs.  You can party as hard..or as low key as you like.  Think dancing all night at Fido’s Courtyard (one of the island’s most popular bars) to a private dinner for two at our rooftop restaurant, Rain.

Photo by Olivera Rusu
Photo by Olivera Rusu

And everyone on the island can enjoy the midnight fireworks that are set off from a barge off of San Pedro’s Central Park.


Carnival:  San Pedro is the only town in Belize that seriously celebrates this pre-Lenten Mardi Gras.  In the days leading up to “Fat Tuesday”, there are parades and shows and then there is paint.  Kids and adults just having a good time.

If you want to participate, bring an outfit you don’t mind discarding. 🙂


And one must never forget Valentine’s Day.  Where is romance more…romantic than in Belize?

oli rusu


Easter is a big deal in Belize.  HUGE.  It is officially a four day holiday weekend.  Good Friday through Easter Monday but many take the whole week.

The town comes alive with Belizeans headed to the beach for the holiday and there are beach parties and club events for the adults and plenty to do for the kids.

Grand Caribe hosted an Easter fun day last year for the whole family.  And by the end, everyone ended up in the pool.


San Pedro hosts the kayaking eco-challenge – a 2 day team sea-kayak race around all of Ambergris Caye.   Over 25 miles, the competitors finish in town’s Central Park but everyone along the way (including Grand Caribe) goes out to the docks to cheer the athletes on.



LOBSTERFEST!  Ambergris Caye’s festival is a week long event culminating in the giant Saturday night block party.  Lobster prepared about a hundred ways…or keep it simple…a grilled tail with Belizean rice and beans is just about the perfect dish.

Our neighbors in Caye Caulker (a 20 minute boat ride away) also throw a GREAT party and it makes for an amazing day trip from San Pedro.


The International Costa Maya Festival brings in folks from all over Belize and Central America for concerts, a beauty pageant and lots of parties.

Tres Pescado Slam – There are fishing tournaments throughout the year but this is the pinnacle for flyfishing on the island.  People come from all over to the famous flats of Belize to catch the “grand slam” – the permit, the bonefish and the tarpon.

Oh, the beautiful tarpon.  All of these fish are catch-and-release in Belize.

Photo from


September is Independence month in Belize.  MONTH not day.  A time for celebration.  Belize may be only 34 years old this year but we have perfected the parades, the parties, the fireworks and the fun.


Maybe surprising but Halloween is a big deal on Ambergris Caye.  Both for people…


…and for pets.  The SAGA Humane Society throws a huge and very popular party for pets of all kinds and their owners.



The holiday season is here…and the month starts with a beautiful lighted boat parade – complete with a block party in the Central Park.

lighted boat parade

There is another parade through the center of town later in the month.  Santa officially arrives and kids are giddy.

cutiesHouses and businesses are glowing…palm trees are decorated with lights…it’s so much fun to rent a golf cart and check out “the show”.  While wearing shorts and flip flops.

thomas hotel

It’s just (and I think someone may have already said this) the MOST wonderful time of the year.

And while WE KNOW it is always a great time to visit Belize, perhaps this list will give you some additional ideas.  Sure you can always go diving at the barrier reef, snorkeling with sharks, swimming, cave tubing, Maya ruins exploring, lay in the sun, visit the Blue Hole, see crocodiles on a night tour, eat delicious food and drink frosty drinks at our pool bar…

But there is more!  Come visit us.