Best Beaches in Belize

It is often said on Belize forums and Trip Advisor that Belize beaches are not the best compared to some places and that Belize is not really considered a beach destination.

We have to disagree and say the best beaches in Belize are on Ambergris Caye. The sand is soft and white paired with clear blue-green waters of the Caribbean sea. Keep in mind that because the beaches are inside the barrier reef they usually have some seagrass. This is a good thing, seagrass is a nursery for sea life and is an integral part ecosystem. You will still get tiny waves splashing at the shoreline and stunning views of the world’s second largest barrier reef.

On our beach we not only have a nice clear seagrass free spot for swimming, we also have wifi. So you can kick back in one of our comfortable lounge chairs and read your kindle

belize best beach
Beach at Grand Caribe Resort
belize beach rentals
WiFi on the beach
belize beach resort
Enjoying the beach at Grand Caribe

When you’ve just reached your personal limit on sun and sand,  you can walk a few hundred yards away, plant yourself in a hammock and enjoy a nap while swinging gently in a soft Caribbean breeze.

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Hammock time