Belize Fashion Week

“The first annual Belize Fashion Week was held April 11th -14th and was a huge success.  Grand Caribe owners John Greer served as a producer and production manager. Caitlin Stolley Greer served as both the Fashion Director and also premiered her new clothing line, CSG by the Sea for the event. This new line is available exclusively at Island Gear boutique on Coconut Drive.  Reception to be held in June, please stay tuned for details.  As Fashion Director, Catlyn travelled over the whole country of Belize with the BFW executive committee on a nationwide model and fashion  designer search.  In addition to the Belizean Designers, Momo Soho from New york city and Marisol Hendriquez from the Domincan Republic showed their clothing lines.  The work of many went into making this event a success and They would like to take this opportunity to specifically thank Mr. Tim Jeffers for his generous rooming sponsorship at Banana Beach.

Belize Fashion week promises to be a huge hit in coming years  The event was a runaway success , showcasing original designs on both local and international models. The Week began late in the day on the 11th, with a ceremony and an evening reception at the Caprice Bar & Grill. There, attendees got to mingle with the organizers of the event, Enrique de Leon and Patricia Greif, as well as with the models and designers whose talent would be showcased over the next two nights at Fido’s Courtyard.

Designer seminars and runway classes were held in the morning on the 12th and 13th. The lessons were very informative to aspiring designers and fashion models, who were not given simply random textbook advice, but real stories of the experiences and struggles of industry professionals.

On Friday night, at exactly 8:00 PM, the show got underway. A variety of styles and colors emerged down the runway, from black and white pieces to those sporting the polychromatic shades of the Caribbean. There were traditional pieces that showed great creativity and attention to detail. The more unusual designs were inspiring and thought-provoking. By the applause and cheers that met each model as she or he came down the runway, the designs certainly won the approval of their very diverse audience, who represented people from many different tastes and walks of life. Friday designers were Francis Alfaro, Adrian Rocker, Addiction by Gaby Bararra, His Glory by Maureen Navarette, formal line also by Gaby Barrera.

Saturday night saw exhibitions from the collections of two well-known Belizean designers. Joris  Hendrik opened saturday night,  a young Belizean designer whose unconventional style incorporates recycled materials, showed off some of his more traditional, ready-to-wear works. He was followed by then accessories designers Maricio de Canelo and Elton Silva, then Ras Hahta, who sent several beautiful, tasteful pieces down the runway, showcasing his unique fashion acumen. Next came  CSG by the Sea, then Marisol Hendriquez, then Momosoho.The elegant styles were accompanied by the striking jewelry of Meloba and De Yans, local fashion lines that are owned by Melody Sanchez Wolfe and Mauricio J. Canelo, respectively.

International designers Marisol Henriquez, of the Dominican Republic, and Momo Soho, of New York City, also exhibited their pieces that night. Henriquez’s designs were pleasant, diligently-spun pieces. Momo Soho’s pieces consisted of Oriental-like dyed silks, masterfully arrayed on each model as she came down the runway.

All in all, the event was a resounding success, and is certainly an important one for a country as diverse as Belize. Fashion is one of the rare ways that a great variety of cultures, beliefs, and traditions can be expressed all at once. Over the course of those three days, it was more than just fabric that was on exhibit; it was also the sum total of Belizean culture, which served as the primary influence of all the styles and tastes that emerged. Grand Caribe congratulates the executive commitee,  Enrique de Leon, Patricia Grief, Carlos Barrientos, Caitlin Stolley Greer, John Greer, Event director was Emmy award winning Arlando Smithand all the models and designers that participated. The Belize Fashion Week promises to become a staple event that will draw a world-wide audience to our tiny Central American home in the years to come.

Belize fashion week
Miss Costa Maya 2012, Miss Karen Jordan from panama in look #1 from CSG by the Sea
belize fashin week
Miss Sophia Miglio, daughter of Ak’bol owners Kirsten and Milo
belize fashion week organized by Caitlin Stolley and John Greer
CSG by the Sea final walk
belize fashin week Pictures taken by by Melodie DeWitt
bow by CSG and model Alexandra Boiton
 belize fashin week Pictures taken by by Melodie DeWitt
Backstage Fashion Director CSG with Belizean designer Adrian Rocker
 belize fashin week Pictures taken by by Melodie DeWitt
Producers’ bow, Patty Grief, John Greer, CSG, Carlos Barrientos, not pictured Enrique de Leon