Belize – Discover How to Be in one of the Lonely Planet Traveller’s Choice top destinations of 2013

The Belize Tourism Board recently released an exciting new video ‘Discover How To Be.’ This film, a colorful three minutes of everything Belizean, is a mix of breathtaking scenery set to Garifuna singing sensation Aurelio Martinez. The video captures all Belize has to offer and then some.

Belize – Discover How To Be from Humdinger & Sons on Vimeo.

Discover an escape from everyday life. A place not defined by the expected, but by the unimagined. Here, schedules are optional. And constraints are hard to come by. This is a place where the land and sea are as unique and authentic as the culture. A place where destinations can be located by map, but only found with the soul. The true Belize experience is discovered when you leave all notions behind, and begin to simply be. Belize. Discover how to be.

After watching  this video, it is no surprise to find Belize was named in the top ten most relaxing destinations in the world in the Lonely Planet Traveller’s Choice: the top destinations of 2013.

Lonely Planet asked their fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Thorn Tree to rate where they have traveled in different categories. Over 3000 people responded and the relaxation factor winners were rated as follows:

2. Fiji
3. Seychelles
4. Bahamas
5. Barbados
6. Thailand
7. Belize
8. Dominican Republic
9. Greece
10. Indonesia

Are you ready to start planning your first or next Belize trip? We hope this post has inspired you to come and ‘Discover how to Be in Belize.’

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