The Easter Bunny Visits Belize on One Gorgeous Sunday

Happy Easter all!  In Belize, it has been a blissfully long weekend.  Banks and government offices are closed for Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.   And the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.

Over the weekend, the beach south of Grand Caribe Resort was decorated with candy colored coconut “eggs” and conch shells and…

led the Easter Bunny right to our front lawn.  The kids arrived at 10am sharp and over 250 eggs were waiting to be found.  The games were set up for after the hunt.

Grand Caribe made special Easter bags for everyone.

Beautiful dyed brown eggs.  In Belize, all local eggs are brown.  They just need a bit of extra time in the dye.

The kids were split into two group…under and over 5.  Some were a bit shy to start…

But they warmed up quickly once the competition began.  Prizes were given for most eggs found and for those who found the magical golden egg.

Jahmeer found one of the golden eggs!

Some of the older kids, Jordan and Elle, searched by the pool…

And at the end, the winners with the most eggs were declared.  Great hunting Maya and Alma.

Games galore followed…egg on spoon races, water balloon tosses, Easter egg rolling and more.

On your mark…

And perhaps my favorite.  Sack races.

Jordan, a gymnast, could seriously bunny hop.  She came in first place and Lillie in second.

And the winner of the balloon race, DJ.

The parents wanted a shot too…they were challenged to a walking egg-on-spoon race.

A really fun and festive Easter morning.

The event could not end without a bit of staff competition.  The men and ladies, who had worked so hard dying eggs, preparing the games, coordinating the prizes and candy, hiding the…OH WAIT!  That was the Easter Bunny!

Carlos was the winner in a very tight race.

Congratulations to all our participants, especially our winners…Jahmeer, Lillie, Alma and Maya, Evan,  DJ,  Jordan, and Ethan for both winning a few of the games and for donating his prizes to the second place winners.  Now THAT is sportsmanship.   Everyone gave it their all and it was a perfect Easter morning in Belize.

Especially when followed by a dip in the pool.

The success of Grand Caribe’s Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt could not have been accomplished without our fantastic Grand Caribe organizers.  A very special thanks to our: “Bunny Master of Ceremonies”…

…Tours Team Member, Mags; to our event organizers, Guest Relations Manager, Noele and Housekeeping Supervisors, Karla and Marleni; and to our event support team, Maintenance Supervisor Elmer and his Team Members, Ebildo, Jorge, Elvis, Carlos B and Carlos A…we could not have done it without you!!!

I hope you all had a happy happy Easter and Passover Weekend.  And we would love to see you all next year for the festivities.

A few more pictures from Sunday’s events.

And a sweet kitten watching the Easter proceedings from the edge of the lawn.