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Belize fishing tours

As temperatures rise, more and more people begin to look for the best destination for their next adventure escape. One many fail to consider is the small country of Belize. Located on the eastern coast of Central America, just below the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world, providing experiences that can seldom be duplicated anywhere else.

One such exceptional Belizean experience is the fishing expeditions. Belize has some of the best fishing waters in the Caribbean and the world. The Caribbean Sea bordering the country on the east provides rich habitats for several flourishing diverse marine life. Just off the mainland is one of the crowning jewels of Belize, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Here hosts over 500 different species of fish, many ideal for deep-sea fishing, such as the mahi-mahi, tuna, and blue marlin. Over the years, some impressive, record-setting catches have been here. The hundreds of shallow, low-lying cayes scattered along the coast and deeper out to sea also make fantastic fishing spots, specifically for saltwater fly-fishing.

San Pedro, where Grand Caribe Resort is located, is situated about an hour and a half by boat from Belize City, near fishing locations known to have a remarkable reputation. Grand Caribe gladly takes advantage of its location by offering some of the best fishing tours in Belize. Our tours are perfect for any angler, from the experienced sportsman to the amateur vacationist. Why not make your next holiday a fishing one in Belize and experience the best fishing our little jewel has to offer?

A fishing tour with Grand Caribe is a guaranteed thrilling experience as it provides the best fishing in Belize, taking you from deep-sea fishing to fishing flats and everything in between. With our expertly selected locations, you can experience fishing not only for the marine dwelling like the sailfish and bluefish, but you can also enjoy more shallow areas and catch barracuda or snapper.

belize fishing tours

Our Belize fishing tours not only include the best sites, but we make sure you get there fully equipped with everything necessary to emerge victorious in the day’s pursuits. Before each half-day or full-day boating journey out into the vast blue on our exclusive 32-foot Black Water Deep Sea Fishing Boat, your gear is expertly selected. Perhaps though, what makes a fishing vacation with us the best is not the locations we choose or the fully equipped boat, but the captain and crew. With their years of experience fishing in Belize, they can deliver an unparalleled fishing experience. The boat’s captain, Captain Charles, alone has over 40 years of expertise in fishing in and around San Pedro’s water. With him and his crew, you will no doubt have the adventure of a lifetime, maybe even obtaining the highly sought-after Grand Slam.

So, with Belize having many exciting and fantastic adventures to experience, fishing being high up on the list, and Grand Caribe, being the best resort for fishing, it’s time to consider booking your fishing vacation with us and take your angling to its apex! Maybe even put your skills to the test and partake in our renowned annual Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament.

Grand Caribe’s Annual Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament is a three-day event that started back in 2017. It brings fishing fanatics of all ages from around the world to the resort for a weekend packed with fishing competitions, exciting activities, and of course, awards, prizes, and surprises.

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What are you waiting for? Your next fantastic fishing vacation awaits in Belize at Grand Caribe! Book your stay now!