Getting around San Pedro Town and Ambergris Caye

north ambergris caye
Golf cart parked at Grand Caribe

Of the myriad of words that someone could use to describe the unique style of living on San Pedro or Ambergris Caye  our foremost mode of transportation speaks volumes. If someone is to play the game of free association its sure to come up when the topic of San Pedro comes along. Just imagine for me, it would be : water = blue, resortl = Grand Caribe, trees = wind, San Pedro Town = golf cart, perhaps this is due to the fact that this is my means of transportation to the nearby town that it pops up in my mind immediately. Yet golf carts truly speaks volumes about our lifestyle- like “go slow’, ‘take it easy’, ‘whats the rush’- golf carts can only go about 20mph and at that speed everyone is looking at you as a nuisance and a danger to society. These open aired vehicles say safe, relaxed, warm, free and inviting. People greet each other constantly, with no metal blocking their view they have no excuse not to!

In addition they scream fun and I’M ON VACATION! Yeah sure the suspensions are admittedly not the best in the word but constant laughter and giggles from kids and adults alike assures us that fun and adventure prevails on our small town roads. A pot hole or bump along the way just adds to the bounce and laughter.

There are other forms of transportation the island but these roads are made for golf carts and they still rule the road.

If you’ve never been here just imagine an island where life is so easy going and relaxed that the locals prefer golf carts to any other mode of transportation and you’re free to join the relaxed lifestyle and join in on the fun and adventure of doing something new. Grand Caribe’s concierge can even handle your reservation and have a cart waiting for you from the minute you arrive. So come on down and join the fun!