Grand Caribe Belize’s Easter Activities – a huge success!!

Happy Easter

Grand Caribe Belize hosted what is becoming an annual event. Our Easter Egg Hunt Activity.

With about 30 plus youngsters, including guests as well as owners’ children, the day was set to be a fun filled one.

Our first activity was the Balloon Popping contest. The object of the game: the participant must run and fetch the balloon, blow it up, run over to an assigned chair and – using only the pressure from bouncing on the balloon – pop the balloon. The first one to pop three balloons would be named the winner.

With little effort – 13 year old Azalea took this competition. The kids were quite adorable, as they pounced up on the slippery balloons.

The kids were too eager to get it started so – we moved straight into the Easter Egg Hunt.

The day before, Grand Caribe Staff with the help of our eager office practice students, Mali & Julius, prepared some 200 eggs stuffed with goodies and hid them around the property.

Thirty kids were armed with their Easter Baskets (modified to suit island life – beach buckets). And the race was off to see who can find the most Easter eggs.

The mob of kids rushed to the outskirts of the swimming pools, along the alley ways, in the garden. Some kids were even looking inside the pools (shoots – never thought to hide some there – that would’ve been fun.)

After about a half an hour of searching the grounds, it was time to count the eggs. In no time, it was obvious who the winner of this activity was. Six years old Sarah Bemis had collected 35 eggs. This was nearly 25% of the total eggs hidden. Our hearts were sad as we saw the disappointed faces of the little ones that didn’t get any eggs. Good thing, we were prepared. We had packets of goodies for all the kids that participated.

With the climaxing activity completed, most of the kids retired to the pool and beach area, but we had two more fun activities left.

Next up, was the three legged race. The kids had fun with this one – tying their legs together and practicing. Gotta say – half the fun was watching the kids trying to get that rhythm that would earn them the winning Easter Basket.

3 legged race at Grand Caribe
3 legged Race at Grand Caribe

The game went to the upper level age range group. These kids got pretty competitive. But in the end, it was Lauren & Grace that walked away as the winners.

Next up was the Lime and spoon race. As it is Easter – we substituted the limes for hard boiled eggs. With the upper aged kids winning two activities already – we decided to have the older kids showcase how the activity is done – and the younger kids got a chance to compete for the winning Easter Basket.

With 8 kids participating and the parents cheering them on, this activity was quite festive. Balancing proved to be a little obstacle as all the kids struggled to keep the eggs on the spoon as they made their way to the course.

Egg and Spoon Race

The “eggs” fell a lot.

And in the end – Taylor Arguelles proved to be most talented at carrying an egg in a spoon while balancing the spoon with her mouth only.

It was now time to collect the prizes. All the winners were super excited to collect their Easter Basket filled with sweet delight.

Grand Caribe Belize takes this time out to wish a Happy Easter to all our guests present and future!!!!