Grand Caribe Resort joins the Belize Red Cross Medical Safety Program

This past Tuesday marked a special day, Grand Caribe Resort and Cowboy’s Pool Bar and Grill both joined the Belize Red Cross Medical Safety program. We are very pleased to say Between the two, we sent the following 5 staff for Certified first aid training with the Belize Red Cross: Karla Gutierez, Marleni Cruz, Alberto Kus, Karl Gillett, Josue Esquivel.
In addition to sending staff, Cowboy’s Pool Bar and Grill and Leisa Mercer sponsored 2 places so that the boys in the post office could start getting training. Porfilio Ack was the first to receive training. They recognized that the post office in the center of town is a good spot to have people trained. Porfilio is also a NEMO supporter.
Our sister resort Banana Beach sent Caroline Williams from Laundry. El Divino, because they could not send staff sponsored someone specifically from Holy Cross school or San Mateo. Andrew and Ricardo knew that helping someone get certified in either area was important.
As it turns out the person that the Belize Red Cross and a visiting Nurse from Yellowknife were able to coordinate for training was a volunteer community health worker in San Mateo. Since Maggie Chi would be one of the first people to be acting in an emergency situation, getting her enrolled in the sponsor program was a great thing. Tune in to Reef Radio and TV on Ch 20 at 7:00 am Monday Morning to see an interview with Maggie by the new San Pedro Branch Chairman. Some of you will recognize Eiden Salazar as our favorite Wedding officiator, you can see him our Weddings in Belize category along with some great beach wedding pictures .
If you are out and about in town today be sure and drop by to the Belize Red Cross at the San Pedro Lions Den Health Fair from 10:00am onward.

belize red cross
Instructor Evelyn teaching Josh and Alberto how to save a child from choking
belize red cross medical safety program
Porfilio leaning how to hold a chocking child and do back blows thanks to Cowboy’s Pool Bar
belize red cross medical safety program
Volunteer Community Worker Maggi Chi leaning Chest compressions thanks to El Divino