San Pedro Belize: Fun Spots to Visit in San Pedro Town

Grand Caribe Resort is about a mile and half (on a newly paved road) north of the town of San Pedro.   The only town on Belize’s largest island – Ambergris Caye.

Here’s a view of town from a parasail tour (set one up with our tour office for the “grand view”).

It’s an easy golf cart ride, bicycle pedal or walk along the beach if you like to linger over the beautiful scenery.

Start at the Grand Caribe Beach…

Just south of us at low tide

…over the bridge into town.   Here is a map.  And though all the streets are marked with proper names, you will rarely hear them.  The main roads (N to S) have been called Front, Middle and Back Street for ages…and that’s hard to change.


However you arrive.  Park your vehicle and take a walk around.  It’s the best way to get the feel of San Pedro, to talk to people and take in the details.  Here are some pictures and a few suggested stops.

#1  Belize Chocolate Factory

An absolutely lovely shop with delicious cookies, brownies and chocolates to taste…and more to bring home.  Eat inside or out…they have a gorgeous sea view.

#2 RubiMoon Boutique

A lovely original shop filled with brightly colored little girls’ clothes, womens’ wear and all sorts of pretty accessories, jewelry, scarves and more…

#3  Graniel’s Dreamland

The Graniel family has been crafting Belize’s bounty of hardwoods into beautiful items for years in San Pedro.  Stop in for all sorts of lovely carvings made of woods like mahogany, rosewood burl and zericote.

Or a beautiful mix of many.

#4 The Rum, Cigar and Coffee Shop

Stop in, even just to sample the tasty rum creams.  Friendly long time San Pedranos with great coffee.  Cute t-shirts, bags of coffee and more things to bring home.

And if it’s a bit later in the afternoon…around 2pm and you are feeling warm.  Stop at:

#5 D and E’s Frozen Custard

For the best ice cream…I mean frozen custard on the island.   May I suggest a sugar cone with a Bull’s Eye?  Ice cream with a tube of hot fudge down the center.

Also taste one of Belize’s favorite flavors.  Soursop.  A fruit that tastes like citrus and strawberries and just goodness.

And while you are out there…just walk around…the back street fruit stands…

The colorful scenery.

The fun souvenirs.

And last, but not least, stop in at #6 San Pedro’s New House of Culture:  There is always something beautiful on display.

Including this gorgeous mural of the history of the island.

Just take your time…enjoy town…

The mural around the R.C. Primary School in town

And then head back to Grand Caribe for a refreshing dip in the pool.

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