How Three San Pedro, Belize High School Students Spent Spring Break

Do you remember when you were in High School?  For many, the answer might be an honest “barely”.

The front gate of San Pedro High School, Ambergris Caye, Belize

But I certainly remember this – it seemed as though everyone was asking the same question:  What do you want to do when you graduate?  It was a bit exciting…a bit overwhelming and just a tiny bit scary.

Here on Ambergris Caye, that question is still being asked of young folks.  Sure, the answer at SPHS (San Pedro High School) might be a tiny bit different, as is the view…

The view from the Grand Caribe Resort dock

Some young adults want to be doctors, or work in banks but some want to work outside as tour guides or scuba instructors.

And who can blame them when this is the view from our town High School?

The corner of the SPHS school grounds. Set right on a gorgeous stretch of beach just north of town.


San Pedro High School has a pretty great plan in place to help steer its business students in the right direction.   In their senior year, students (over 35 total this year) are placed for 3 weeks – during the Easter holiday break – at businesses around town:  banks, airlines, resorts, doctor’s offices and newspapers.

This year, Grand Caribe Resort invited three seniors to check out what running a resort is all about.

jay jex
Mr. Jay and his intern team.

Jay Jex, General Operations Manager, guided his team – Abner, Giomar and Julissa (from left to right) through their internships;   to show them the many things we do at Grand Caribe and to let them know that with hard work and dedication, they can do it too.

Hard work.  After all, they will be graded on the experience.

I sat down and chatted with all three students to find out what they’ve been doing and what the future might hold.

Here’s Giomar.  After we spoke, he went to the front entrance to greet guests…


He enjoyed his time at Grand Caribe.  Giomar’s plans after graduation are in place.  He is heading to Orlando, Florida to get a certification to be a mechanic for boat engines.  Certainly useful on an island.

Abner (wearing red in the group photo) enjoyed his time working at Grand Caribe’s Front Desk but even more?  He liked working in the tour office…helping visitors pick day trips.  Snorkeling, cave tubing, Mayan ruins, zip lining, paddle boarding…

Belize can keep you as busy as you want to be.

cave tubing
Floating on an inner tube through one of Belize’s many cave systems

Inspired by his uncle in particular, Abner plans to take his exam for his Belize Tour Guide License in 3 months.  He’s got some studying to do.

On your next visit to Ambergris Caye, you might see Abner in this environment – preparing to take guests on a fishing trip or a snorkeling tour.


Lastly, Julissa.  She hopes to head to junior college next year so that she can make her decision.  At only 17 years old, she has time and a few good ideas…


Julissa is certain that what she learned about customer service and attention to detail at the resort will be useful in whatever she decides.

All head back to school today to finish out their senior year.  Just a couple months until graduation.  Good luck to all!  We at Grand Caribe have a feeling that things will go just fine.


Oh!  And if Jay isn’t busy enough managing the interns and running the operations of the resorts, he is quite a basketball player.   Here’s Jay making a surprise appearance in last weekend’s BIG basketball game.  San Pedro’s Elite Team, the Tiger Sharks, beat their rivals from the mainland, the Cayo Western Ballaz and Jay was an integral part.

The picture is a tiny bit blurry but shows Jay in action.  Go Jay and GO Tiger Sharks!