Karen Waldrup plays the pool bar and grill

This Sunday we hosted a special event, popular Memphis singer Karen Waldrup  played on top of the pool bar and grill to raise money for Mama Vilma’s Family Home. Karen was a big hit, our guests and local islanders enjoyed hearing her play from their lounge chairs and the pool.
It was a beautiful day and hot work playing on the pool bar, while Karen was taking a break in between sets, our half time show was Barrett acoustic. Barrett is 12 years old, has a great singing voice plays the guitar like a pro. You can get a taste of how good he is on barrettacoustic youtube channel and visit his official website barrettacoustic.com.
We would like to thank a few people, Mama Vilma’s, Karen Waldrup, Matt, Doug Maxwell and everyone who came out to support our lounge fundraiser at the pool bar. Thank you’s also goe to the local businesses who donated raffle prizes: Roadkill Bar, Coco Locos, Wade the Gringo burgers, Wet Willy’s, DandE’s frozen custard, Mathieu’s Deli and Picasso Spirits. Mama Vilma’s Family home is a very worthy cause and we are happy to help support them.
Cowboy’s pool bar and grill was pleased to hand Cheryl Bowen of Mama Vilma’s a check for $500.
Don’t forget to join Mama Vilma’s Family Home facebook page so you can keep up with their fundraising events and the progress of this much needed home. You can also like  Karen Waldrup facebook fan page and see more pool party pictures along with a great write up by our resident Chico Caribe blogger Emily  on Be Belize blog.