A Little History on the Mexico Rocks Snorkeling Spot

Many vacationers book their tours without knowing much of the story behind the amazing places they are planning to see. Today we decided to give you a little on the history on a popular snorkeling spot.

Mexico Rocks got its name in the 19th century. In 1845 during the Caste War, many Mexicans migrated to Ambergris Caye where they settled in front of the inner reef. Back then, it was abundant with mangroves and they saw it as a good fishing ground. Since Mexicans were the first to settle there, they gave it the name Mexico Rocks and the name hasn’t changed since.

Mexico Rocks is inside the reef, 6 miles north of San Pedro Town. Mexico Rocks is the home to approximately 35 species fishes and natural incubator for juvenile fishes. It also has a wide variety of coral including: elkhorn, staghorn, star and brain coral which help create perfect homes for spiny lobster and eels. Another point of interest, the south end of the area has a good sized sink hole that is estimated at 8 feet deep and 150 ft in length.

Mexico Rocks has not been officially designated as a marine reserve but that will soon change and it will be administrated by the Hol Chan as a marine reserve. It is in the works for an area mapped out of 1 sq mile for the Marine Park that will only allow snorkeling and no fishing.

Just a few minutes boat ride away from Grand Caribe, Mexico Rocks is an ideal tour both novice and advanced snorkelers. We can arrange for you to go with a private snorkeling boat or on a group tour. We also have GoPro Hero 2 cameras available for rent so you can capture your underwater experience. To get more information on Mexico Rocks information or to reserve a snorkeling tour please contact [email protected]

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Video with many beautiful fish, corals and an octopus by Matt Stevenson.