An Ode to Our New Road on North Ambergris Caye

Perhaps a tribute is a better word – a small, tasteful celebration of the new addition to Ambergris Caye, Belize.   One that is very exciting to us at Grand Caribe.   Let us explain.

It often surprises first time visitors that our island is a long one – at about 25 miles long, it is the largest caye in Belize.  Much of the population and many of the business are located a few miles north or a few miles south of San Pedro town.    And there is one main road that runs from south to the north.

We have a lovely bridge that will take you over the split in the island, the one that separates North and South…

Here is the view from the bridge out to sea.


…but for years, once you were over the bridge, you were on a sand road.  A sand road that was scenic and quaint when it hadn’t rained for a few weeks but when we started to get a few sprinkles, it would deteriorate quickly and driving through the bumps and puddles could be a serious pain.  And could leave even the most careful cyclist splattered with mud.

Bike riders, walkers and golf cart drivers, visitors and all those who lived north of the bridge, most were in agreement.  It is time to pave this road!

And last summer it started.  And just about a month ago, it was completed.  Getting from town to Grand Caribe (just about 1.5 miles in all) would now be quick, easy and still scenic.

Though many take a golf cart and make the trip…


I thought it better to jump on a bike and show you the road.  An easier way to stop and take photos.   I hope you find this stretch of pavement as beautiful as we do.

A few QUICK photos before I left.  The resort staff was setting up for a wedding on the beach…


I grabbed my bike and headed out from the parking lot.


And just south of the resort.  Easy riding.

Passing someone selling a bit of art and tropical furniture.

And then the turn-off to the famous Palapa Bar and Grill.  (About a 5 minute ride from Grand Caribe Resort.)


And a few more things I saw on my ride.

Fan palms and a glimpse of the sea.

There are a few speed bumps…


Beautiful house entrances…

And other traffic messages.

An easy trip south to the bridge and then onward to town.

For many who live and work north, this bridge has been a “game-changer”… making trips to town so much easier, faster and SO much more comfortable.

For those who visited in the past, come visit us again!  I think you’ll find that you too love the new road on Ambergris Caye.


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