This jewel is no secret!

Belize mapBelize was coined the slogan “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret,” by the Belize Tourism Board, however, the secret is out. Its out and Belize is stealing the hearts of people from all over the world. A little jewel in more ways than one. Belize is only 180mls long by approximately 68mls wide; yet it has all the attractions a person could ask for in the tropics. Zip lining through the rainforest, discovering the history of the Mayas, diving the blue hole and snorkeling the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world are just a few of the different adventures Belize has to offer, in order to appeal to any adventurer.

belize beach resort
The Beach at Grand Caribe

However, in addition to all that action is Belize’s amazing ability to simply relax and refresh its guests. Sunning, swimming, fishing and walks on the beach are only a few ways in which Belize’s guests are rejuvenated. Perhaps it has to do with how very young the country is. Only having gained its independence in 1981 from Great Britain, Belize is very much a typical 29yr old, moving forward towards a bright future full of energy and ambition.

Yet as it grows and moves forward everyday, the population remains relatively small. This unique feature allows for it to preserve and conserve its tropical flora and fauna. And as Belize makes steady progress , it remains true to its relaxed roots, creating a place with all the necessary and luxurious amenities in a setting that remains to be a break from both the big city life and the highly touristic vacation spots.

An ideal place to live, vacation or retire; Belize stands out from the rest (both from its Caribbean and Central American neighbors). This little jewel is certainly multifaceted. Its culture and relaxed lifestyle shines alongside preservation, conservation, adventure, natural beauty, tropical climate and friendly people. And Grand Caribe is proud to be one of the facets of Belize making it shine just that much brighter.

grand caribe belize
Grand Caribe Resort