To Eat Out or Eat In

To Eat Out or Eat In that is the question. At Grand Caribe resort you have both options.

There are many great restaurants options on Ambergris Caye and very good ones at that, but sometimes you just want to eat in.  The island has several markets and loads of veggie and fruit stands.  Some are more expensive than others and you can often bargain at the produce stands.  When shopping in the stores be sure to check expiration dates.  Most markets are much better nowadays than they were years ago when options weren’t as plentiful.

When you are in the north part of town, right by the roundabout it Richies Supermarket and a bit north of Richies is the Casa Pan Dulce Bakery as well as lots of smaller grocery stores.  If you are more in the center of town on Middle Street you will find Greenhouse and Big Tree, both great for produce.  You can often find more organic products at Greenhouse and some things that other markets may not carry.  On Back Street a bit North of the Football field you will find a big purple building and this is Superbuy (there is also a Superbuy South store).  Here you can again find pretty much what you need.  They also carry paper products such at paper towels and toilet paper as well as personal hygiene products etc.  Across the road and a bit north is the tortilla factory, here you can buy tortillas hot and “fresh off the press” for a great price but be sure to get there before they close (usually by 2pm)

For meat and chicken Linos is between front and middle street and across from there is a Casa Pan Dulce bakery outlet.  Don’t be afraid to try multiple little markets.  Some places may look like a “hole in the wall” but those places can also be some of the best.   If you are looking for a quick meal to take home, across from Greenhouse is a restaurant where you can buy rotisserie chicken for take out and they are delicious.  Stop along the way and pick up fresh veggies from a stand and pick up your salad fixings.

If you want is to shop for you so it is ready and waiting when you arrive, we can also do that, just emails us at [email protected] and we will set you up.

Ambergris Caye Restaurants worth eating at post coming soon.