Celebrate Independence Day in Belize: Reasons to LOVE September

It’s Monday – back to work day for many – and one of America’s favorite holidays has just passed.  Independence Day.   Happy 239th birthday USA!

Fireworks, parades, picnics, food and barbecues, friends and family, the 4th of July is a beloved day – just pure fun and patriotism.  We hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend.


But alas…there is another year until the next celebration.  And we have an idea…

Belize also celebrates her independence in a huge way.  And though just 34 years old this year, if you love BBQs, fireworks and parades…and find the idea of adding snorkeling, parasailing, island hopping, sailing and exploring appealing…you will LOVE SEPTEMBER CELEBRATIONS in Belize.

Two major holidays take place in the month of September – on the 10th – honoring the Battle of St. George’s Caye and on the 21st – Independence Day.  The country basically earmarks those two weeks between as a giant celebration.

Let me show you a little of what happens during September on Ambergris Caye.  And why September is a FANTASTIC time to visit.

The stores and homes around town are festooned with flags and red, white and blue.

Flags are flying from golf carts (the island’s most common and fun form of transportation) and taxis.


All during the 2 weeks there are spelling bees (yes!  spelling bees), children’s parades, dance shows, a block party, barbecues and then…there is a fantastic parade on the 21st where the whole town turns up to dance and celebrate.  It’s actually called the JUMP UP PARADE.

There are also always a few unexpected characters.

The lovely Miss San Pedro is chosen just the week before the parade in a very well attended, amazingly fun (and nerve-racking) pageant.parade3

It’s so much fun for kids and adults.

cute kids

And now that I’ve shown you some of the Independence parade…here are some other HUGE pluses of visiting Ambergris Caye and Grand Caribe Resort in September. 

Airfare to Belize is traditionally lowest during the summer and the fall.  And with Southwest Airlines introducing their flight from Houston to Belize City in October – competition has pushed prices even lower.  Check out our fantastic summer rates and the view below from one of our suites.

Photo by Danielle Burruss, our recent guest
Photo by Danielle Burruss, our recent guest

Your excursions and trips will be less crowded during this season.

Sailing to the Mexico Rocks snorkel area with the many coral heads…


or floating above the sea on a parasailing trip.


Or exploring one of the Mayan sites.

Gorgeous Lamanai.

Check out our list of tours here.  There are MANY trips to choose from.

The island is just a bit less crowded.  You’ll be celebrating with locals on this special holiday – you’ll feel like an honorary Belizean.  And what better way to vacation is there than that?


One note – please do not put away your red, white and blue yet!  You just might need it for September in Belize.