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San Pedro Urgent Care offers a variety of medical services.
We have a variety of packages for health checkups and vaccines.


  • General Practitioner’s Consultation: Available daily starting at 9 am to evaluate patients, formulate a diagnosis and treat. The General Practitioner has support nurses, Lab Techs, X-Ray Techs, Pharmacist and a team of consultant Specialist to properly manage clinical cases. Cases requiring further care or hospitalization will be referred to Belize City to corresponding Specialist Clinic.
  • Specialist Consultation in various fields: Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Neurology, Obstetrics, Orthopedic, General Surgery, Psychology and Urology on specific days.
  • X-Ray and Ultrasound Services: Imaging services which includes high resolution digital x-rays, interpretations are done by experienced radiologists and high-quality ultrasounds are performed by one of our experienced radiologists on specific days.
  • Pharmacy Services: Fully stocked Pharmacy with over the counter and prescription medications. We offer monthly specials and can provide onsite counselling on pharmaceutical interactions, health tips on how to properly take your medication and how to manage side effects. We also have in stock Orthopedic supplies and Hospital supplies such as walkers, slings, crutches, catheters, syringes and much more.
  • Laboratory Services: Our onsite Phlebotomist receive samples and draw blood from patients. Patients can now have their results available to them in approximately two hours. We offer general Hematology, Chemistry, Serology and other panels for your own screening and to assist your doctor with a proper diagnosis. Specialized lab testing can be arranged with our referral laboratories.
  • Fully equipped emergency and observation units: Offering EKG, hydration, nebulization, minor surgical procedures, stabilization for Specialist follow-up or for urgent referral to the hospital in Belize City.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday
8am – 5pm


Opening Hours: +501 280-SPUC (7782)

After Hours & WhatApp: +501 610-SPUC (7782)

Email: [email protected]

Great location on the north part of San Pedro, away from the worst of the crowd, but not too far.

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